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Our Mid-Week program

Director of Youth Ministries

St. John’s Youth Program


Talk with folks at St John’s and you will quickly learn how important the nurturing and education of our children and youth is. That nurturing extends beyond the Sunday morning worship and Sunday experience to programs that support our kids of all ages throughout the week. One of the ways we do that is through our LOGOS program.


LOGOS is our mid-week, inter-generational faith program.  LOGOS is special because it involves the whole family!  Developing Christian RELATIONSHIPS among ALL AGES is the heart of LOGOS, because, to God, relationships are everything.  


The program runs from September through April and meets on Wednesdays from 4:30 until 6:45 pm. Through the four parts of LOGOS (Bible Study, Worship Skills, Recreation and Family Time) kids and adults alike grow in faith and develop long-lasting relationships with Christ and each other!

Curious about how LOGOS might work for your kids? Remember . . . LOGOS is open to children outside our congregation too! So join us for LOGOS some Wednesday to check it out for yourself.

Are you interested in being a LOGOS Leader? A weekly commitment is not required! We need folks to help us cook, set tables, wash dishes and bake desserts every now and then. We can also use a few helping hands to launder our table linens, make decorations, take pictures or help with our activities throughout the evening. It's LOTS OF FUN and we invite you to stop by to learn how you can help!





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St. John’s has many groups and programs for you to be involved with. To schedule a tour or to inquire about current programs, please contact our us.

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